Brenda and I hope your year has been off to a great start so far! As we were on the road a couple of weeks ago we were discussing about how blessed we are to have those of you who have been our friends for so many years and have been praying and supporting us. There’s not a day that goes by nearly that we don’t think of you and the love you show to us through your generosity. When you have a team, you get things done!
This coming weekend is Immersion Weekend at Victory Bible College’s School of Missions. Brenda and I are going to be taking a group of 45 missions students outside of town to a campground where they will be going through a survival & cultural training course. We have a survival training and team building expert coming in to assist us in making this experience as impacting as possible for everyone. This course will push each student to their limits of working together as a team, it will involve trekking through rough terrain, crossing a large river, eating bizarre food and much more! The students have no idea what to expect, so it will be a complete surprise to them. Brenda and I absolutely have a blast training young adults for missions! As you know we are preparing for eventually being able to train them directly on the missions field in Ecuador and are preparing till that day comes!
I’m sure if you’ve been watching the news recently, you might have heart about a young Missionary who was killed in an Al Queda attack on a cafe in Burkina Faso, Africa. Well we found out that he was also a close friend of one of one of the missionaries we are friends with here. Currently they are on furlough in Tulsa developing a “Children’s Discipleship Program” as well as teaching a couple classes for us in the School of Missions. They have been living and working in Burkina Faso for 11 years and will return again in a few years with their family. We were definitely saddened to hear the news of this missionary passing but are reminded that we all need to remember to pray for those men and women who are serving in nations around the world where persecution and violence are taking place. We’ve been there and know prayer saves lives. It saved ours time and again.
Would you like to help refugees who are in need of light? This month and next we are coordinating with a Missionary working in Rwanda to raise money to purchase solar powered lights that will go to refugees they are working with from Syria, Liberia and all over Eastern Africa. We have the next couple months to raise as much money as we can before we have to order them in April to send them over with a group this spring. These refugees, many whom are children who have lost their parents are in need of these lights to help them see in the night, especially in the camps (some which contain as many as 60,000 people) when they need to move around and go out to use the restrooms.
Another exciting thing that we are working on this month is teaching a Bible School course to leaders in Pakistan via Skype. An opportunity came up for us to be involved in this and so I am coordinating with Bible School directors here and in Pakistan to do several weeks of teaching by video over the internet. Thank God for technology! I’m excited at this opportunity to teach and plant God Word into Christian leaders in the Islamic world.