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Ryan & Brenda Phillips

We are couple that is in love with helping people. Over the past nearly two decades we have had the privilege to serve in missions and be eyewitnesses to God’s supernatural power transforming lives.

Our focus is simple. Disciple, evangelize and train people to reach the lost. We have been able to do this effectively and have played a part in seeing many young men and women go on to fulfill God’s calling for their lives in missions around the world.

Throughout our experience in Missions we have worked mainly in rural communities and villages alongside local Pastors throughout Latin America. Our time is spent evaluating how we can best help partner and encourage local Pastors, whether through resources, training or taking teams Among these people there is so much opportunity to make an eternal impact.

We hope to inspire people others to get involved in the adventure of serving in missions and being a part of the harvest!

Join Us And Be A Part!

We are involved in an important part of God’s plan and you have the opportunity to be a part of it. For a moment, take into consideration that everything that God does, He does it through the lives of willing and obedient people who have His heart.

We are looking for people who will partner with us, whether it is by sending resources, interceding through prayer, giving financially or whatever other means God shows you. Relationship is at the core of what we do and is the vehicle that God uses to advance His kingdom here on this Earth.

Would you take a moment and ask God what your part is?  As you step out in obedience, we know that God will bless your life as you make an eternal investment into the lives of others.