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Local Outreach

Throughout the year we are impacting lives through both local and international outreaches. Our focus locally is to target at risk communities and individuals who are in need of experiencing the tangible love of Jesus in their lives.


Taking much needed supplies such as food and blankets along with the Love and acceptance of Jesus to men, women and families living on the streets in downtown Tulsa we are seeing lives impacted each week.


Working along side the Tulsa Dream Center we are able to expand our reach into North Tulsa assisting with services and their weekly grocery service we are ministering to 50- 200 people weekly.


With the permission of local brothel owners we have been given access to go in and minister to these men and women.  Taking resources such as food, makeup, clothing along with the healing power of Jesus.


In the fall and spring we go into several low income communities and have a children’s service and at the end hand out bags of food and diapers for the families.

International Outreach

God has given us the privilege to walk down many roads in various nations whether in cities or in small towns and villages with a mission to take His Son Jesus Christ to the people. Along the way and from house to house we’ve seen people in the midst of struggles who have lost all hope come to have an encounter with Holy Spirit that changed their life forever.

When we go, we coordinate and work together with our network of internationally-based Missionaries and Pastors to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ, equip believers and provide tools and resources that help the local church and those who are in need.

Evangelism Training & Outreach Development

Back in 2007 God spoke to us about training people within the Body of Christ to be bold and go out and share the Gospel with people in their communities. Since then we’ve seen many receive Jesus Christ and healed by the power of God. We provide this Holy Spirit-centered & empowered training to the local church both in the U.S. and internationally. This training has not only transformed lives but has also transformed churches to be more outreach minded and provide an outlet for church members to use their lives to make a difference in others.

Together with our Evangelism Training we use our experience in Outreach Development to equip local churches how to creatively put together strategic events for the specific demographic they are wanting to reach. We know the successfulness of a church being truly effective is be involved in their local community.